Unicord-2A will launch from Alaska

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BBC News reports on a new UK built PocketQube satellite that was developed by radio amateurs at Glasgow company Alba Orbital .  Radio amateurs Constantin Constantinides MM6XOM, Sajimon Chacko 2M0DSY and Alejandro González Garrido EA7KDU worked on Unicorn-2Awhich will have downlinks in the 437 MHz and 2400 MHz bands. One of the transmission modes will be LoRa.  A 3rd quarter 2018 launch is planned on a Vector Launch Inc. rocket from Kodiak, Alaska into a 350 x 350 km 98 degree orbit. The mission will last about 45 days. A Dutch PocketQube Delfi-PQ, downlink 436.650 MHz, is expected to be a fellow passenger on the launch.

Alba Orbital are collaborating with the University of Aachen and their amateur radio group DL0FHA to trial Unicorn-2A operations and act as a backup. This helps students learn about communicating with a real mission.

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