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Devon Live reports on an out of this world lesson for Bampton as pupils use amateur radio to make contact with a NASA astronaut.  The newspaper says:
Pupils had an out of this world lesson last week when they got to ask questions to an astronaut orbiting hundreds of miles above the planet.
Thanks to the group Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS), Bampton Primary School were able to get in touch with NASA’s Drew Morgan KI5AAA on Tuesday, October 8 [Devon Live give Oct 7]. Nick Bull M7BUL, a parent and amateur radio enthusiast, first came up with the idea of hosting the ISS Q&A session a year ago.  He said: “I was reading a magazine about satellites and amateur radio and I discovered you could make contact with the International Space Station.
As my wife works at the school, we had a conversation about how great it could be and then applied for it. We rushed the form together, and about a month later, ARISS got in touch, and we have been in conversation ever since, discussing what the school could do and all the projects around it and the rest is history.  “It’s amazing to see it come together. I was almost in tears as two of my children asked questions. It was also about the school and the community coming together with many watching via a visual link in their homes and at the Riverside Hall. It’s a shared experience, but I can’t deny my nerves were in shreds until we heard the astronaut; you can’t describe it.”
Read the full story and watch the video at
BBC TV on Devon school’s ham radio contact with ISS

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