I.S.S. CALLING GERMANY, contact on 2018-06-27

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New upcoming ARISS school contact, with Germany! An ARISS educational radio contact is planned with Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium, Leverkusen, Germany, direct via DLØIL and Schickhardt-Gymnasium, Herrenberg, Germany, direct via DLØSGH. The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be DPØISS
The scheduled astronaut is Alexander Gerst KF5ONO
Contact is a go for: Wed 2018-06-27 10:32:19 UTC 62 deg
Downlink signals from ISS will be audible over Europe on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM. The contact is expected to be in german.
Credit: AMSAT. Any informations about this radio contact are welcome!


1. How does the human body change in outer space?
2. Does your biorhythm change in space and can you sleep well?
3. Is it true that people cannot belch in space?
4. Which everyday commodities and habits do you miss most?
5. Is it possible to light a candle in the space station, and if so, what does it look like?
6. Do you see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve on the ISS?
7. Do you think that the idea of populating the Moon and Mars in near future is realistic?
8. Have you ever lost anything outside the ISS?
9. What do you think about the disposal of waste, e. g. electronic scrap, in outer space?
10. What would you ask an astronaut if you were not an astronaut yourself?
11. How clean is the air inside the ISS? Do you need to do dusting?
12. What did your assistant CIMON surprise you the most with?
13. What does it feel like to go on a spacewalk?
14. What was your most exceptional experience in outer space?
15. How difficult is it to readjust to life on earth after a long stay in space?
16. Which spaceship would you take to fly to the ISS if you had the choice between the time-tested Soyuz capsule or the new Dragon V2?
17. How fast is your internet connection on the ISS?
18. What would happen in case of an acute medical emergency, e. g. appendicitis?
19. Is it possible to fly directly to the moon from the ISS?
20. What is your favorite food on the space station?

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