Welcome To EUROPE & WORLD RADIOCLUB. This group was created with the intent to bring together amateur radio operators from various countries around the world. The official language of the site is English, but translation into many other languages ​​of the world is possible with the automatic translator, even if imperfect. In any case, thanks to technology, we can do this too. To be part of the group and obtain the certificate of participation, a donation, even a small one, is necessary to sustain the management costs, and to be able to organize a whole series of diplomas that we already have in mind and are planning for 2020. The donation from also entitled to two free points on EWR diplomas and also on CRT (Conero Radio Team) diplomas. Donors will also be sent a calendar next year, by the end of the year, with the possibility in the languages: Spanish, English, German, French and Italian, we will examine any requests, in other languages. During the year, be prepared to receive gadgets in pdf, curiosity, news and various entertainment. If you have ideas, propose them and we will examine them together. Now we are only at baptism (at the beginning) with your help, we will grow to have fun and exchange as much as possible in the world of radio broadcasting. Thank you and welcome to EWR (Tomato Group) (W4ISS, IW6ATQ)


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