Enrico Fermi Award – (D.S.I.)

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“The profession of researcher must return to its tradition of research for the love of discovering new truths. Because in all directions we are surrounded by the unknown and the man of science vocation is to move forward the frontiers of our knowledge in all directions, not just those that promise more immediate rewards or applause “
(Speech given by Henry Fermi in 1947)

Enrico Fermi (Rome, September 29, 1901 – Chicago, November 28 1954) was an Italian-born American physicist. It is known primarily for theoretical and experimental studies in the field of quantum mechanics and nuclear physics, among the greatest contributions we can mention the theory of β decay, quantum Fermi-Dirac and the results concerning the nuclear interactions.
Leader of the physical group via Panisperna, designed and guided the construction of the first nuclear fission reactor which produced the first nuclear controlled chain reaction and was one of the technical directors of the Manhattan Project that led to the creation of the atomic bomb. It was also among the first to take an interest in the potential of the numerical simulation in science, as well as the initiator of a second school of physicists in Italy, both in the United States.
He received in 1938 the Nobel Prize in Physics for “the identification of new elements of the radioactivity and the discovery of nuclear reactions by slow neutrons”. In his honor was given the name to an element of the periodic table, fermium (symbol Fm), to a meter submultiple commonly used in atomic and nuclear physics, the fasteners, as well as to one of the two classes of the quantum statistical particles, fermions.

Diploma organized by Conero Radio Team in collaboration with EWR (TOMATO GROUP) REGULATION (RULES)

From Monday 25 to Friday 29 at 00:00 utc at 22:59 utc November 2019.
Bands 40-80 meters    Mode: SSB
Activator: IT9ECY, IW6ATQ (Reserve)
Points: Minimum 3 , the first three winners will have a special dimension in graphics jpg diploma. It is not necessary to send the log let alone apply for the Award, the classification will be made according to the log of the activators and the diploma will be sent to those rights. Those who could not make the 3 points can ‘also apply for the Award with a donation of 3 €. He is a very simple degree to realize there are no points free for members and fans. The diplomas will be mailed as soon as possible. The links of the charts, will be published on this page.   Thank you and Happy Holidays to all.

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